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Aug 18, 2013 6:30am EDT
, whatever happened to peace and joy and all those things we used to talk about? this is a time and a period of great stress. and people are feeling it. and they're bearing it. and they're going to all kinds of means to eliminate it in our life and yet, it doesn't work. there's people for example, who have gone to all kind of drugs, prescription drugs and street drugs. alcohol of all kinds. sex. gambling, anything to get rid of this feeling that we have that somehow it's bearing us down and grinding us down and we're looking for an escape. and it's interesting that none of the things we've come up with have any escapement to it. people go to the doctors and say, you know, i'm suffering from great stress. anxiety and doubts and fears all around me. what do i do? well try a few of these. take two here, two there, two there. next month two there, two here, two here. you can go on and on and on. if you don't know how to deal with it, it can kill you. it's interesting the mical profession will tell you that. that it can kill you. but what is the solution? and i want to give you a solution i know
Aug 18, 2013 3:30pm PDT
obama to cancel annual joint u.s. egyptian militarexercises scheduled for next month. mr. obama, however, did not propose spending the $1.5 billion to the egyptian government for rupturing the u.s. egyptian partnership. and they are at an all-time high in egypt. pro democracy forces are still angry at president obama and the former secretary of state hillary clinton for their initial backing for the former president. mubarak. this is followed by mr. obama's swift and embrace, whom the pro democracy forces blame, for trying to hijack their democratic resolution and to turn it into an islamic republic. and the sentiment was worse for the u.s. ambassador that is now being withdrawn, denouncing the tactics of the forces. and the supporters for their part, they blame the u.s. for secretly blasting them the ongoing support for the government. and the danger now is that the u.s., they have limited leverage at the time of the rising tensions. tensions that could lead to the prolong strikes between the muslim brotherhood and the egyptian government. >> and question on friday, the official death t
Aug 25, 2013 6:30am EDT
of the circumstances it will happen and cannot change. he's an awesome, loving god who desires to give us promises by which we're to live. and if you think about it for a moment, many people wonder why god doesn't answer their prayer? one of the primary reasons is they ask for things that are not the will of god. and secondly, they doubt. and one of the primary reasons why people doubt god answering their petition, they don't have any foundation for it. that is, they ask. it's a matter of feeling and hoping and wishing but no foundation. if you're asking god to give you guidance in some area or if it's something you need in your life, you need, listen, to put a foundation to that so you can get anchored in that. you need to have a promise from god's word. there's many promises in god's word. there's a promise for every single solitary thing you and i need is here. i can recall one of the most significant times in my life when i was really searching the lord to know his will for my life about the holy spirit. and i was getting ready to begin teaching in a bible institute as well as pastoring the ch
Aug 13, 2013 9:30am EDT
can push us around. i think this is exactly -- was exactly the right thing to do. what he did in syria, in iran, what he's doing all through the middle east, he's going directly against our interests and he knows that he's doing that. >> wait a minute. we've got clashing national interests with russia, he with us. we've got syria. what else? iran to some extent. >> wait a minute. this is a great power. it's a significant power around people like nixon and eisenhower would not have allowed us to have what you call a rupture. on syria, our rebels happy to be more and more dominated by al-qaeda. and they're saying, why are you supporting guys that blew up the twin towers? >> the secretary of state and the defense secretary, hagel and kerry, met with russian officials late this week. they were just not going to put the frosting on the cake by having the president go over there and meet with him on his home turf, which would just grandize him at a time when he's really been yanking the tail of the tiger. >> before that, there's the magnisky act. what is that? >> it put sanctions on a number
Aug 30, 2013 8:30pm PDT
there's no significant labor move in the country and we really could use it. corporate america is the bull in the china shop, and china metaphor there is also meant. but when i look at the setting with amazon, if you're the owner of an independent bookstore, you're not going to like the president chose this setting. they did announce they're creating 4,000 jobs, setting up distribution centers and the phrase that's use side bricks and click. they have acknowledged that they do support some sort of an internet tax, and so there could have, on the progressive end of how it works with our tax system. jeff bazos, the genius behind amazon, is one of silicone valley, california start ups. they're getting into policy, just with facebook is hill on the way side. it's almost like another government there. in that sense, this is recognizing the future, and the future is here. >> the you apparently did not read sarah o conar's piece the 9th of february. she said workers were pained minimum jobs to do full-time jobs. it was like a robot in an assembly line. very negative article. >> i didn
Aug 18, 2013 12:00pm EDT
to sow over a 90 days period, i still want you to call us when i complete my prayer for your life. you need something money can't buy, so i turn my money into a seed so i can create a harvest that no money can buy. holy spirit, i've told your family tonight what you told me to share, about the seven laws you must honor to create uncommon success. i've talked about the law of difference, and the law of place. i've talked about the law of two. i've talked about the law of honor and the law of the seed. i ask you for 300 miracles in 17 minutes. i don't know who the 300 are, maybe a pastor or a business man, a young couple who's just started a networking business. maybe a widow, who has a fixed income. i don't know. but i say this and i decree this: if what i have said about the law of the seed is just for mike murdock's personal gain, may a curse be on me and my ministry. and may my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth. if what i have said about the law of the seed and the harvest is the will of god and the word of the living god, i ask you for 90 days of the greatest miracles your famil
Aug 23, 2013 8:30pm PDT
-- in the 1960's and 1950s? no. is alabama still bomb nothing no. so many of us, myself included, still beef in america's promise but we've got a promise. >> are you a gentleman may can american -- jamaican american? >> i consider myself an african- american. >> i'm an irish american. >> john you're confusing. >> german irish american. >> you are confusing ethnicity and race. >> oh, i am? >> whether irish or polish, danish, race is a cat gear. >> what's ethnicity? >> ethnicity is irish or german. >> she's a gentleman may couldn american. >> she's black. or asian or hispanics, basically whites and blacks, i'm inclined to agree, there is greater and greater awareness of the issue of race and greater and greater contentiousness because quite frankly whites are no longer 90% of the population, the deem inapt group. so there's tremendous amounts of competition and conflict. it's risen up increasingly since the trayvon martin thing, i agree with you. unfortunately as we are all minorities i don't think it's going to -- >> but the contentiousness is really among a rather small group, i think of whi
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)